Introduction of the ME 2016 participants – Austria

Austria has the great potential to be a great champion at this European Championship.

Eight years ago, the Euro organized and proved to be only the number, yet at its first orthodox participation in the big event since 1998 it is not ranked among outsiders, but rather straight into a wider circle of favorites. Can our southern neighbors really surprise you?

How exactly did the Austrian football shift? Inu, for illustration illustration, it is enough to take a 23-member nomination for the home Euro 2008 – 15 home-based players, just such an introduction to Austrian football.Many players were then represented in the world, and many players also crossed the border immediately.

Today the situation is quite the opposite – the only landlord will work between the three bars (even he has long worked in Germany), with the best two clubs this season bizarly not nominated any representation. Rapid Vienna and Red Bull Salzburg last made up to eight members.

Such a contingency of power on the other hand also unmistakably points to a certain weakening of the home league.Salzburg has recently left a lot of support, a few important players have also sucked Red Bull connected Leipzig (Ilsanker, Teigl, Hierländer) and has resulted in one of the weakest champions in recent years, dragged only by 21-year-old Guinea Naby Keita.

Bundesliga leader Christian Ebenbauer has even recently been told that the country can afford a maximum of 12-14 professional clubs, which is in direct contradiction with the recent ambitious expansion plans (the Bundesliga should grow to 20 participants) Hence merging with the Swiss highest competition and creating the so-called Alpine League.

Even so, the initial impulse to rise has also had to be born at home in the Austrian case.This can be seen as the launch of ‚Project 12‘, whose main goal is to offer talent and support to talents aged 15-19. This program started functioning in 2009 and it has gone through a total of nine members of the original Austrian 24-member Euro nominee, including a certain David Ala…


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